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Mark, Malaysia

A longed for amazing experience once in a lifetime adventure - Would throughly recommend ! Eugene, Ryan, Azlan were very professional and made the whole thing very pleasurable. Well done !!

Julie, Vietnam

A biggest smile to begin. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience. This really was the day of my life. The thrill of driving the sport car was awesome. I am speechless.

Micheal, Singapore

A first for me. The entire experience can be described in one word,exhilarating. Man controlling the beast is an awesome feeling. Lamborghini next time.

Priya, India

Drove the Lamborghini,a lot of adrenaline still now,really powerful car. The Professional Driver was really nice and allowed good sprints. Thanks for the experience.

Mary, Australia

Drove the Lamborghini, amazing experience thrilling adrenaline rush. Assistant was very friendly and super helpful. Would definitely come back and try the Ferrari to see the difference.

Georgina, Taiwan

It's amazing! Absolutely amazing car! Great sound,easy to drive and the best of all cars shape. I love Lamborghini Gallardo! Thanks guys.

Zhang Yuen, China

Dear Ultimate Drive, I did feel difficult at the beginning because i come from China and used to be a left handed driving and never has experience the drive of a real super car but it felt exciting after a few minutes after starting on the road. I also appreciate the service from the driver. I will remember it, Thank you :)

Fumio, Japan

Absolutely awesome experience. You must do this if your a rev head. Just do it anyway. Easy to drive and roads were a breeze. Kick ass!

Jermain, Singapore

Loved it!!! Singapore is a great city to drive around. The Ferrari is an awesome machine. I consider this a "MUST DO" in Singapore.

Stephanie, Korea

Amazing and exhilarating experience. I was given a lot of freedom to drive and feel the car to my satisfaction and all the staff and instructor Suman were fantastic.

Christine, Hong Kong

Just drove the Ferrari F430. Amazing! Power, Luxury & excitement all in one. It has amazing handling and the noise is awesome! Fantastic way to travel in Singapore and spend Father day. Exhilarating!

Martin, USA

Very exciting experience, also to learn how to drive a super car. Enjoying the F1 circuit track and also exciting. Will try again next time.

Jeremiah, Thailand

It is an amazing experience ! I will keep sharing my experience with my friends and for sure they would dream the same way as what I had.

Eloise, Sweden

It is indeed an awesome experience. Staff is very friendly and helpful. I will make a comeback for second ride.

Charmaine, Puerto Rico

It is an awesome experience during the Ferrari F430 F1 Spider. The ride is very fantastic and I will sure recommend it to my car enthusiast friends.

Cassandra, Singapore

Ultimate awesomeness! Took my girlfriend for a two car ride, being able to see each other drive a super car while driving one yourself. I think i want this for every future birthday! A+++!

Nipaporn, Thailand

Absolutely amazing! Really nice professional driver who gave clear instructions! Couldn't stop smiling all the way! Just amazing, no other words to describe how good it was! Thank you!

Andrew, China

What an adrenalin rush! It was beyond my wildest dream! Words couldn't describe my experience! My hands are shaking. Happy birthday to me!

Can you give me more details about your in-vehicle video?

At the end of your drive, you can collect a memorable recording of your trip. Our on-board dual HD camera captures your drive from two angles - inside the cockpit and the street view. The experience comes in a 8 GB thumbdrive and is available for a mere $58. Your family or friends can sit down together and watch the video and enjoy this special experience too. It is with you forever.

Are the cars automatic transmission or manual transmission? Do they have clutch pedals?

Both these supercars are very easy to drive as they are without clutch pedals (E-gear system). You can go for:

1. Fully automatic mode.
2. Or change the gears manually through the F1 paddle shifts, which allow much faster gear change than any human ever could on a manual transmission. We will show you how easy this is to use before you set off.

Can you explain in more details your different packages?

We have different Tours to cater to different needs.

1. Our Street Circuit Tour takes you on the famous F1 course for around 15 minutes ($298).
2. Our Street to Freeway Tour takes you around the F1 street circuit first, then lets you open it up and fly on the freeway for roughly half an hour of fun ($468).
3. On our Ultimate Tour, you get to drive on the F1 street circuit before taking to the freeway for approximately one hour of performance driving. If you book two Ultimate Tours together, both cars can move off simultaneously and you can choose to swap supercars half way through and experience the thrill of driving both the Lamborghini and Ferrari ($788).
Above are the Drivers' rates. Customers who book the Passengers ride can enjoy 20% off the Drivers' rates. In addition if you book two or more Tours, you will get an extra 10% off on all the Tours.

For each of your Tour description, you indicate an "approximate" duration, what does it mean?

Because we follow a fixed route, and because our Tours are conducted on open public roads, where traffic conditions may vary, we can not guarantee exact durations. Tour durations shown are average, Tours can be shorter or longer.

If I purchase the 30 minutes Street to Freeway Tour, can I split it in two x 15 minutes driving the two different supercars?

As much as we would love to accommodate to your request, unfortunately it would not be possible as we have to follow the designated 30 mins route, hence the car will only be back after approximately 30mins of adrenaline driving. However you could still drive both cars by booking two Tours at 10% off our regular rates.

I read that we can get 10% off for 2 bookings. Do we need to book at the same time spot? I got a friend who is also interested. But we may not arrive in Singapore on the same period though. Please share more on this.

You have to book and pay two or more tours at once, in order to enjoy the 10% group discount. However you need not have to carry out the tours at the same time.

If I purchase two 30 minutes Street to Freeway Tour for my girlfriend and I, can we swap the supercars halfway?

This option is only available for our 60 minutes Ultimate Tour, where there is a safe place to swap the supercars halfway.

Besides the Tour cost, do I need to pay any other costs or fees?

Our Tour prices are net, only subject to GST.

Is there any student promos? Or normal promos?

We do not have any student promotions on our Tours. However currently, we do have a promotion of 10% off our regular rates for each Tour when you purchase 2 Tours or more. For example if you take 2 different Tours at two different times, or if you decide to share your Ultimate Drive experience with another by going on a double Tour with them together at the same time.

Can 2 persons ride in one supercar at the same time? For example, can my husband and I ride in one car?

These cars are 2-seaters, and due to insurance, and most importantly, safety issues, at any time during the tour, we can only allow one customer per car. There will either be a co-driver sitting next to the customer who would be driving, or our professional and friendly driver sitting in the driver's seat chauffeuring the passenger.
However, when two customers want to enjoy the experience at the same time, they choose a double tour. Each person will take a supercar and set off together. We have noticed that by doing so our customers enjoy their tours even more: the two amazing engines sound even better when they are started simultaneously! They can cruise side by side or even dare to overtake (when safe to do so). If in a car, a customer is a passenger instead of a driver, then he/she would take that opportunity to take pictures on the way. Once the tour is over, they exchange their thoughts on their incredible drive! Also as an added bonus, we offer an extra 10% off on booking two tours.
Please note that customers buying two tours will be allowed to take pictures together in the same car before they start their drive. Our Professional Drivers can even assist in capturing the best moments.

My friends and I will be heading to Singapore in early December. I want to purchase the Driver's Ultimate Tour for my boyfriend as a gift. But I am currently unsure of the exact dates. So I was wondering if I could get a Gift Voucher first and book the date and time later on?

You can purchase the Tour for your boyfriend by booking it at our boutiques or online, tentatively specifying a date and time. When you have decided on the exact dates, simply just send us an email, and we will proceed with the change with no extra administrative charge. Once the booking is confirmed, you can send us an email providing the booking details and we will prepare a Gift Voucher for him. When you arrive here in Singapore, you can come down to any of our Boutiques to pick up this Gift Voucher free of charge. Alternatively, if the hotel you are staying in is near the Singapore Flyer / Marina Bay Sands area, we could also leave it at the hotel reception for you to collect.

Could I get a Gift Voucher for my Dad after I booked the Tour?

After you book the Tour, we can prepare a Gift Voucher for your Dad, with your special message on it.

Is it possible to buy the Gift Voucher online?

First you will have to make a booking, either online or call us at +65 6688 7997 to assist you with your booking. Once the booking is confirmed, you can send us an email providing the booking details and we will prepare a Gift voucher for you. You can come down to any of our Boutiques to pick up this Gift Voucher free of charge.

Is it possible to post the Gift Voucher to my brother?

We can help you to post the Gift Voucher to your brother's house but we do not give any guarantee if and on which exact day the Gift Voucher will reach its destination, as it depends on factors beyond our control.
After you have confirmed the booking, please advise on which date you wish the Gift Voucher to be sent out and also do confirm on the address to send it to.

Will i be able to get a Gift Voucher sent to me? Will be happy to pay extra if required.

If you choose to receive by normal postage, we do not give any guarantee if and on which exact day the gift voucher will reach its destination, as it depends on many factors beyond our control. There will be a charge of SGD20 for postage and administrative fees.
If you choose to receive by UPS and DHL, there will be a higher charge which we can check and let you know.
Alternatively, when you are here in Singapore for the tour, you can come down to our Marina Bay Sands Office to collect the Gift voucher at no administrative charges at all.

The validity of the Gift Voucher is 6 months from the date of purchase. Does this mean that I can change the date of booking as long as the date is within 6 months, but subject to availability?

Yes, during the 6 months validity, customers could reschedule their booking. We allow one change per customer, however we could exercise flexibility if a customer requests for more than one change. Even better, we don't charge customers any administrative fees for changing.

Do I need to book in advance to ensure that the car will be available? Or do you accommodate walk-ins? I will be visiting Singapore at the end of July, and I am planning this activity as a surprise for my Dad.

We are usually very busy – even more so on weekends. A waiting list of upto three hours is not uncommon on busy days. Usually, our clients make advance bookings in order to avoid the disappointment of not getting a ride at the preferred time. Especially when this arrangement is going to be a surprise for your Dad, you may want to confirm the booking in advance on our website using Visa, Mastercard, Amex or Paypal. Alternatively we can help you to make the advance booking by telephone, if you provide us with your credit card details. However if you do decide to walk in, we will do our very best to assist you in finding a time slot that is right for you.

Can I book first and pay later?

Due to our high numbers of bookings, we do not accept booking without immediate payment. However, we will not charge you if you need to amend the date and/or time later on – subject to availability.

How can I make a booking - and how can I pay?

You have 3 ways to book with us:
1. At any of our Boutique at Singapore Flyer of Marina Bay Sands. Payment by Cash, Visa and Master Cards.
2. Internet Booking. Payment by Paypal, Visa, Master, and American Express Cards.
3. Telephone Bookings. Payments by Visa and Master Cards only.

Can I book as a Driver and change it to Passenger later on?

if you book as a Driver, you will most probably enormously enjoy it. These cars have no clutch, and can be driven in AUTO mode, like any car, but with a lot more power! They are surprisingly easy to drive. If you wish to change to Passenger, it is possible, but we unfortunately can't refund the 20% difference.

Please have my card as a guarantee for the booking. Don't charge to my card. I will just pay you in cash on the day of the tour. Is it ok?

We do not accept booking without payment. Similarly, card payment is also needed when you book our tours online.
We seek your understanding on this as many a times we have encountered customers making reservations without payment and failed to turn up in the end, thus depriving others the chance to take the supercar ride.
We can confirm the booking for you immediately if you could give us the go ahead to charge to your card.

I will be going to Singapore next month, but I am still unsure on which exact date. Can I make a booking first and amend it later?

Yes you can, subject to availability.

How much is the cost of amendment?

We do not apply any charge for booking amendments.

I am not a local, so I am not sure where to drive in Singapore.

During the Tour, we will have an experienced co-driver who will guide and assist you throughout the journey.

Is there a route inside the F1 circuit without the normal traffic?

We use the roads taken once a year by the Formula 1 for the F1 Grand Prix Night race; as you are probably aware, the Singapore Grand Prix takes place on open public roads.

What are the speed restrictions on your Tours?

The normal speed restrictions apply for the street and also freeway driving during our Tours. Like every Ferrari or Lamborghini owner in the world, you have to respect the traffic rules, and we strictly apply them, as they are safety measures for our team members, customers and other road users. However, this does not prevent you from accelerating at bursts and experiencing the thrill of these supercars, which take you from 0 to 100kmh in just 4 seconds.

Will it be ok to use the driver's licence from my own country or do I need to apply for an international driver's licence?

Singapore Laws do not require an International driver's license for visitors to drive a car in Singapore, if the licence from their own country is in English language. If it is not in English language, an International driver's licence is required, or an approved translation. Translation is not required for licences issued by Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Is there a minimum age to drive your supercars, and a minimum driving experience?

Drivers should be above 21 years of age and have a minimum two years of driving experience.

I am from USA. I just arrived in Singapore, and I realise that I forgot my Driver's license at home. Can I go on the Tour I booked on your Website?

To allow you to drive our supercars, we need to check your original Driver's License. Can you have someone send it to you – or to our Boutique? Otherwise, what we could do is:
1. Change your Booking from Driver's Tour to Passenger's Tour.
2. Or, amend the date of your Booking for your next trip to Singapore.

I was wondering if foreigners are able to sign up for a Tour with Ultimate Drive, or is it only for local residents?

Our Tours are not restricted to local residents, we do have many customers from all over the world.

I have a valid Philippine driver's license, but I'm only 4'11 in height. Is this an issue if I were to drive either the Ferrari or the Lamborghini?

Usually we do not impose a restriction on driver's height for driving our supercars. To get a valid driver's license, an individual must take a driving test and demonstrate that he or she can operate a vehicle safely. That generally includes being able to reach the floor pedals and see clearly over the steering wheel.
If our clients still have difficulties, we have booster seats to raise the level of their vision. So basically we don't see much of an issue with your height.

I am interested in doing one of your Tours but I am only 20 years old (21 in 3 months). Is there anyway I can still drive? I have an Australian drivers license.

Due to insurance issues, we can only allow customers who are 21 or above, possess a valid driver's license and have a minimum 2 years of driving experience to drive our supercars.
However we do provide professional drivers to chauffeur customers who are below the age of 21. And we have customers who keep coming back to be driven by our experienced drivers who can truly show them what these supercars can do. Furthermore we do not charge passengers any driver's fees, instead we offer them 20% off the drivers rate.
Alternatively, you may also make a booking now for the driver's Tour to be done 3 months later when you turn 21, it would definitely be a great Birthday gift for yourself.

When are we required to use child restraint?

Under the Singapore Road Traffic Act, anyone below the height of 1.35m will be required to be secured with a child restraint appropriate for a person of that height and weight. Alternatively, they could use a booster seat to supplement the seat belt.

Any other requirement to be a Passenger?

Anybody can take a Passenger Tour – their health permitting.

Can pregnant ladies take a Tour?

There are no legal bases to forbid pregnant ladies to drive or be driven in a car. However, a Ferrari and a Lamborghini do have vibrations - and great noise too. It is up to a pregnant lady to take a decision whether to go on a Tour or not, if in any doubt, she may seek medical advise.

Where are your starting locations?

We have two offices at Marina Bay Sands and Singapore Flyer.

Will it be possible to arranging a different pick-up or drop-off point?

We do provide special events and may have a special route customized for customers. However that would be at different charges. Please contact us.

Your website mentions that your Boutique at Singapore Flyer is at the "Taxi Drop-off area". Does it mean that a customer has to take a taxi to get there?

You do not need to take a Taxi to go to our Singapore Flyer Office. Our office is located just behind the taxi stand.

How much would it cost to have a pick up from the airport in the Lamborghini to the Marina Bay Sands.

The charge to pick up from the airport in the Lamborghini to Marina Bay Sands is only $518.40. This price includes petrol, insurance, toll charges and also the fees for the professional driver who will drive you to Marina Bay Sands in the Lamborghini.
You can have an option to drive the Lamborghini to Marina Bay Sands, provided you are above 21 years of age, have a valid driving license from your country and have minimum 2 years of driving experience. The charges would be $648.
However do take note that additional charges will be incurred for waiting time at the airport, and this supercar can only fit hand carry luggage. The charges for waiting per 15 minutes after the scheduled time is $162.
All prices are subject to a 7% Goods and Service tax.

Are you offering Tours on Sundays and Public Holidays?

We are open all year round, everyday including weekends and public holidays, from 9am to 10pm.

Can I book a Tour during the Singapore F1 GP?

Yes. However, our Singapore Flyer Boutique will be closed, as it is inside the F1 restricted area. Departures will be from our Marina Bay Sands Boutique. During the F1 GP weekend, usage of the street circuit is exclusively reserved to F1, so we go for alternative routes, which are also very popular among our customers. We have very high numbers of customers during F1 weekend, so it is advisable to book very early for that period of the year.

My plane lands at 5pm on Saturday. I made a booking for 7:30pm. What happens if I am late?

We request our Customers to arrive at least 15 minutes before the schedules time of their Tours. In case of late arrival, we may reschedule at no charge, but subject to availability. No refund can be offered unfortunately.

I have a booking for Sunday 17th but may need to be out of country. Is it possible to cancel? Will you refund the Tour?

Yes, it is possible to cancel the booking but under our company policy, we do not do refund. However we allow customers to reschedule the booking to another date and time that is convenient to them – subject to availability. Alternatively, we could also allow customers to transfer the Tour to someone else. And we do not charge any administrative fees for such changes.

1. Driver Tours are sold by Ultimate Drive Pte Ltd. Passenger Tours are sold by Driven by Adrenaline Pte Ltd.
2. All Tour durations are approximate. Tour Departure time may be delayed because of late arrival of the car(s).
3. Final confirmation is subject to signing of our Tour Agreement, and for Drivers, signing of our Safety Notice as well.

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